Need a Certified Real Estate Appraisal? 

Contact us for your residential or commercial appraisal questions, and we'll get you the right help you need to get an accurate and reliable property valuation - a Certified Appraisal by a state Certified Appraiser knowledgeable in the type of property in question.

There is a better way to appeal your appraisal report than just pointing out other "similar" recent sales in the area to the appraiser or ordering a costly second appraisal.

Have an Appraisal Question?

Kasi Liz Hyrapett, who has performed thousands of quality control reviews for major lenders nationwide and appraisal management companies, can answer many of your real estate appraisal questions.  

If your appraisal has disappointed you with an questionable conclusion, contact us to see if an appraisal audit is the right option for you.


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